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Amura Media is a multinational digital imaging services company. We work with global leaders as well as growing companies to help achieve significant value addition and cost reduction to their image production and management operations.

Ecommerce Product Digital Editing


Product Retouching

Are you a seller on retail portals like Amazon, e-Bay, Alibaba? We have services tailored for removing backgrounds and making your images ready for acceptance by retail portals. Our turn-around times are quick and we can process images by the hundreds each day.

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry images almost always need enhancement, but retouching Jewelry is a specialized service that needs skills and experience. Retouching artist needs to strike a balance in adding shine/color to metals, glitter to diamonds and colors to gemstones, so as not to make them look overwhelming or underwhelming.

Auction Houses

Auction houses need images to be retouched in a peculiar way. Authenticity of the artifacts must be maintained, yet the images should be cleaned for catalog use. Unwanted reflections should be removed and drop shadows should be added to create professional look and feel to the image.

Clipping Paths

From simple product outlines to complex furry/hairy objects, we understand the intricacies of background removal very well. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of images with clipping paths of different complexities. Depending on the end use, we also add drop shadows and/or enhance colors to make the objects ready for commercial use.



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